June 2014

American Blues Scene – The Beautiful Brass Soul of The Memphis Horns’ Wayne Jackson

“Nearly every person with ears in America has undoubtedly heard Wayne Jackson play.”

May 2014

Rolling Stone Magazine – Aretha’s Memphis Horns Shout Out

Respect 1967- “What can I say about this one? I remembering recording it…”

April 2014

I Love Memphis – Tour Stax with a Memphis Horn

“Wayne talked us through where everyone would be positioned during a typical session and what it was like working with Otis Redding, Isaac Hayes, Sam & Dave, Carla Thomas, Albert King…and that’s just at Stax.”

September 2013

Australian Blog on Stax Tour & Visit with Wayne

“Today was a bit like a dream. We did a few other things today but nothing seems important after our joyous meeting with Wayne Jackson and his wife Amy.”