The Lost Album

“I’m a singer, and before it’s all over, the world is gonna know it.”
- Wayne Jackson

Listen to Wayne sing “Abandoned Heart”

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Nearly two years ago analog recordings were discovered in an attic in a house in Nashville…they were master recordings of the legendary Wayne Jackson and the Memphis Horns Band, lying dormant for over 34 years. It was an album project conceived by Wayne Jackson and engineer/producer Frank Green those many years ago that never came to fruition…until now! 

Wayne and Frank met back in 1984 through a mutual friend, renown songwriter Wayne Carson (You Were Always On My Mind, The Letter). Wayne and Frank instantly connected. Within a short time Wayne expressed to Frank that he wanted to do something a bit different…explore something new musically. He asked Frank if he would like to write and produce an album project with him. “Absolutely,” was Frank’s reply, and they immediately started to work writing songs. The first one they wrote was a funky…rocky… little number called “Sweet Medicine.” That was followed by the pensive, mid tempo ballad, “Abandoned Heart.” Wayne sang solo on this one delivering a soulful, heartfelt vocal performance. In fact this album, contains the only known recordings where the legendary Memphis Horns trumpeter sings. The pair went to work in the studio where Frank worked as chief engineer and started laying down tracks. Frank played guitar, keys and bass, while Wayne focused on the horn arrangements and vocals. Frank also did the majority of the sampling and electronic programming on the project. This was in the early days of electronic music programming.

A short time later Wayne and Frank were joined by Hoy “Bucky” Lindsey and Fred James, two other writer/musicians that were to make up the principle core of Memphis Horns Band. They shared in writing the remainder of the album. Bucky added some soulful, bluesy vocals and Fred contributed rock and blues vocals to the project along with a cool edgy electric guitar sound. What they came up with was an eclectic collection of rock, soul, blues, pop and the eccentric!