“47 years ago, June 17, 1967 – Monterey Pop Festival – We hit the stage in our custom mohair suits and wore those hippies OUT!!! Otis Redding was spectacular. Being on stage with him was like being tied to a firecracker!! Take a minute and SHAKE!!!”
“Damn we sound good! Letterman Show about 1990 with smoking hot Robert Cray, me & Andrew, hot house band and Kevin Hayes on cowbell! What a groove! Enjoy this little 3 minute blast from the past.”
“Andrew Love and I shared an amazing ride, and boy, did we love to laugh! Here we are back in 1991 talking about Otis Redding. Enjoy!”

“When I get to the Pearly Gates and God says what did you do with your life, I’ll say, “I played with Otis Redding!” And here we are in 1967…me, Otis, Andrew Love and Joe Arnold. It will put a smile on your face and a groove in your day.”