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 35 Years Later Wayne Jackson's Lost Album Is Released

August 2019 - Nearly two years ago analog recordings were discovered in an attic in a house in Nashville. They were the master recordings for an album project conceived by Wayne and engineer/producer Frank Green those many years ago that never came to fruition until now! With the release of Wayne Jackson and The Memphis Horns Band, "The Lost Nashville Sessions," Wayne's prophetic statement from long ago comes true..."I'm a singer, and before it's all over the world's gonna know it."


Listen to Wayne sing "Abandoned Heart"

Amy Jackson named to inaugural class of Rolling Stone's
Future 25 innovators reshaping the music business

October 2019 - Eighteen months after launching her own business, Amy Jackson Consulting, providing royalty recovery services for featured artists, musicians, background singer, producers and estates of music makers, Amy was named to the inaugural class of Rolling Stone's Future 25 innovators reshaping the music business. During the 26 years, she and Wayne were married, she worked as a litigation paralegal and that legal background helped her navigate the complex and ever-changing music business, particularly different royalty sources. Now she applies her personal experience and firsthand knowledge to achieve results for her clients. 

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